WhatsApp Tips & Tricks 2021: The 19+ New Secrets to Know

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2021: 19+ Secrets Tricks & Tips to use the App. WhatsApp has many hidden tricks that few people know. Here are some tips and tips to get the most out of the app. 

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks 2021: Cool Whatsapp Tricks for Android

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks undoubtedly one of the most used free instant messaging apps in the world. What began as a simple way to make the electronic contact book more functional, became a millionaire purchase from Facebook, which promoted the courier service globally. 

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

At first, this app started with a minimum payment subscription to use it after the free year. The oldest users of WhatsApp can confirm this information, on a window that appeared in the App once the free period of use was completed. 

Although you only had to pay one dollar, this was eliminated to become a free app, inevitable in any Smartphone today. Here we share some useful features and WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to get the most out of it. Some are only known by a few people: 

1. Use WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to add another number: 

WhatsApp only asks you to register is your phone number. This works as your unique user in front of the millions of people who use it daily in the world. Sadly, this can be a curse or a blessing for whoever uses it. 

In case we change the phone, do not worry. Your WhatsApp account will be safe as long as you install the app in your new terminal. Of course, if you want to recover your contacts or conversations, you will have to do it from the old cell phone or through a backup. 

2. Get WhatsApp news before anyone else: 

To find out about the latest WhatsApp Tips and Tricks, or you will have in the future, you must register to the beta program of the app. The only thing you have to do is to associate with your email and get this version of WhatsApp that will be updated with new options little by little. This is the best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

3. Free up space (WhatsApp Tips and Tricks): 

Despite the elimination of some photos or videos, this app keeps everything in the phone’s cache. To eliminate this data that fill the memory of our cell phone, you must go to Settings, Applications and select WhatsApp. 

Within these options, we can delete the cache or all the data of the App. Remember to save your important information before doing the latter. 

4. Use WhatsApp Tips and Tricks on the web: 

If you still do not know how to use WhatsApp in your browser version, quiet, it’s very easy. All you have to do is go to the official WhatsApp website and you will get a QR code. Then, in your cell phone, you must enter the app and, in the famous three configuration points, select the “WhatsApp Web” option. 

Being the first time, the app will open your camera. Point it to the screen of your computer or your laptop where you have the QR code and it will automatically connect to your account. Remember to close your session if you are not using a personal computer so they do not get into your chats. 

5. Use WhatsApp from the desktop of the computer: 

Another option, in case you do not want to depend on a browser to access the chats, is to get the official Windows app from the WhatsApp page. Login will be the same as how you did with WhatsApp Web, through a QR code. 

6. Use WhatsApp on a Tablet or other device: 

If you want to use WhatsApp on a device that does not have a number, such as tablets or cameras with an operating system to install apps, you can also access the app. To do so, at the moment you ask for the number, you only have to have your cell phone handy to enter the code that will be sent to confirm your identity and ready. 

7. Use WhatsApp Tips and Tricks to call contacts: 

Thanks to the new updates, we can configure on the phone calls, so that a contact is called through WhatsApp by default. In this way, every time we try to dial your number, we will call you through the App automatically. 

8. Write a message with the voice assistant: 

If we are busy, we have an Android or an iPhone, we can use voice assistants to send a message through a dictation. 

For this, we must have our assistant configured so that it can work with WhatsApp and then use the voice commands to activate the wizard and say “send WhatsApp to” next to the contact name. Finally, we will dictate the message we want to send. 

9. Have several administrators in a WhatsApp group: 

Did your group grow and you need another administrator? Quiet. In WhatsApp, there is the option to create several administrators in a group. To designate another administrator, you must select their contact within the list of participants and give them this new function. 

10. How to know who read the message in a group(WhatsApp Tips and Tricks)

Normally, in a group, there are so many participants that it is difficult to get the double blue check, which means that everyone read the message. If we want to know exactly who read it, we must select the message and go to the information tab. 

There he will tell us who read it, who received it and who still do not receive it because they have not connected. 

11. How to delete WhatsApp secret chatting (WhatsApp Tips and Tricks)? 

If we select a chat, we can do many things with it: archive it, that does not appear in the main chats but only in the tab “archived chats”, delete them completely or empty the chat, “cleaning” the contact of all the messages until the date, but with the possibility of recovering them with a backup. 

12. How to send a chat by mail? (WhatsApp tricks for iPhone) 

A very simple way to keep the chats that we want to save is to send them through our email. For this, we must select the chat we want to send and give the option to “export”. We will be asked if we want to include multimedia files. 

After that, we select our mail and within it, we will attach the text file with the messages along with all the images and videos that were in the chat, in case we have activated the selection of multimedia files. 

13. Search for messages in a chat: 

Either in a group chat or in a personal one, sometimes there are messages that we need to save but we do not do it and then we have to go back weeks of messages before coming up with the correct one. However, if we use the search engine within the chat options, we can search for a specific message 

14. Save a message or photo (WhatsApp tricks for Android)

The best of WhatsApp, in case you have to remember important information, is the option to save as a favorite or “featured” within the same chat. To do so, you must select the message and place the star. When we see this contact in the information tab, we can access this list of featured messages and see everything we have saved to date. 

15. Use GIFs as answers: 

To activate them, all you have to do is select the option of GIFs instead of the emojis when you open that window and you can select the ones you like until you find a personalized one with the correct terms. 

16. Larger emojis: 

One of the most recent tricks of WhatsApp is to send emojis of different sizes, how to do it? The method is quite simple. Depending on how big you want your emoji to be, you should send it individually or several at a time in one message. 

Thus, one will look very large, two will look large, three of medium size and from four in front of small size. 

17. Format text in WhatsApp: 

If you want to use your messages in bold, italics or crossed out, you should do the following: 

  • Bold: place the word between asterisks (*) 
  • Italic: put between the words under scripts (_) 
  • Strikethrough: have the word or phrase inside virguillas (~ ) 

18. Know at what time a person read a message: 

The famous “blue checks” not only let us know when a person reads our messages, but they also let us know exactly what time they do it. 

If we go to the information of the messages, we can see what time the message was sent, what time they received it and what time they read it, in case the “double blue check” is activated. 

19. Become invisible (WhatsApp Tricks and Cheats): 

If you do not want anyone to know when you read the messages or block your status so that only a few people see it, you should deactivate these options in your account settings. 

In privacy preferences, you can find these and other options to go unnoticed on WhatsApp. They can even block their profile picture and status so that only their contacts see it. 

20. Find out if you have been blocked (Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks): 

If you ever thought that someone blocked you on WhatsApp, you could identify it if you can not see your profile picture, its status, its description or if you just do not get the messages / read it. 

However, the ultimate test is making a voice call. If this person blocked you, the app will send you an automatic message that you can not call this contact.