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The best way for any writer to make progress is to read as many blogs as possible. Blogs are where the best people are writing about writing.

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Reading those blogs is the best way to learn what works and what doesn’t.
Blogs come in many different flavors. Some are written by writers who are teaching writing, and these are designed to be instructional.

Others are written by writers who have written books and are trying to promote them, and these are promotional. Still others are written by writers who want to tell their story and aren’t trying to promote anything in particular, and these are considered personal. The best blogs cover all three.

Writing is a craft, and you can learn the craft by reading other people’s craft. Writing is also a business, and you can learn how to build a business by reading other people’s business. But the best blogs cover the business and the craft, showing what worked and what didn’t. The Web is, in effect, a giant blog.