WhatsApp Cleaner: New Xiaomi Mobile Feature With MIUI 10+

WhatsApp Cleaner : When we talk about internal storage, often  much of that space is occupied by the multimedia files of WhatsApp  and often it is necessary to clean up to recover those precious Megas (sometimes even gigas). Deleting WhatsApp files to recover space on the mobile is a process that we can do manually, but there are also tools that facilitate it. 

WhatsApp Cleaner: New Xiaomi Mobile Feature With MIUI 10 

This is the case of  WhatsApp Cleaner, one of the new tools that Xiaomi includes in the beta of MIUI 10 , the latest version of its interface that will soon arrive at brand devices. As its name suggests, WhatsApp Cleaner allows us to clean up the files that we are accumulating, let’s see how it works. 

WhatsApp Cleaner

Wipe WhatsApp from the MIUI Security app

The new WhatsApp Cleaner feature will not be a separate application in MIUI 10, but it will be integrated into Security, the app in which Xiaomi gathers different tools such as dual apps or the blocked list. With MIUI 10 a new option will appear in this app focused on WhatsApp. 

In the capture, you can see how the application shows the WhatsApp files separated by categories: images, videos, documents, voice messages, GIFs, etc. Xiaomi ensures that we can clean each section individually to free up space. 

At the moment, WhatsApp Cleaner has been integrated into the beta version of MIUI 10 but  will arrive in the stable version soon.  

What is WhatsApp Cleaner ?

WhatsCleaner helps you to remove old media files that are being submitted by Whatsapp or collected by Whatsapp. This allows you to quickly unlock more of the storage area used by extracting old media files that you no longer use.

Cleaner acts as an explorer for WhatsApp and shows media files in various categories such as photographs, images, audios, records and voices. Sending and obtaining views of files differently allowing you to discover and exclude those inappropriate files.

WhatsApp Cleaner App for Android (Cleaner for WhatsApp)

This android app is the easiest and most efficient cleaning and backup tool on WhatsApp. The main advantage of this Cleaner for WhatsApp is that “Users can schedule WhatsApp media to be auto-cleaned daily” This software takes care of the user and the user experience is also also poor with a high consistency and a clear interface. With the use of this Whatsapp Cleaner the developer updates are improved and new functionality are introduced.

WhatsApp Cleaner

So, what are the features? The core characteristics of the software are essentially:

  • In one location, assemble all media.
  • In just a few taps, uninstall every individual file.
  • With the Auto-Clean option, Junk cleaning with a daily period to clean media files.
  • Cleaning and previewing media file forms, sizes or by day.
  • The choice for transferring and backup.
  • Separate preview for media who have been submitted and received.
  • Assisted multi-lingual.

Any other choices worth considering are,

  • Find and uninstall broad and duplicate files with Duplicate Finder.
  • Sorting: Sorting different filter directories.
  • Data manager: You can use any program that rules over the overall data consumption to set the daily, weekly and monthly data schedule.
  • Deep Clean: Erase unused file, recording, audio, memory card records. Deep Clean.
  • Media Mover: Send your large media file to cloud storage with a single tap.

This WhatsApp cleaner boosts your device’s speed without disrupting your Android device’s efficiency. It is free to use the WhatsApp Cleaner.

Last Words

In conclusion, if you’re a WhatsApp user, it’s a good idea to keep WhatsApp Cleaner around to clean up old files – it’s faster and easier than going through them one by one. And WhatsApp Cleaner is a great mobile companion, especially if you have a limited number of space.