Best Podcast App for Android and iOS

Best Podcast App for Android and iOS

Best Podcast App for Android and iOS: Throughout the age of the internet, podcasts seem to emerge as a source of knowledge. It’s an incredible opportunity to hear experts debating subjects that are relevant, and discovering great podcasts is relatively straightforward. Whether you’re washing, driving away from work, or working out, podcasts are great for spending the time. 

Best Podcast Apps for Android and iOS

Podcast apps offer more than just playing your favorite episodes. You have loads of apps, from uploading and organizing your added podcasts’ newest events instantly to handling your subscriptions. Much may provide a range of audio resources and features to provide you with the highest possible listening experience. Also, other devices will let you find new podcasts in addition if you are looking for something to listen to now that you spend more time alone.

Best Podcast Apps

What Makes a Podcast App Best?

A Podcast app is best when it has a clean interface, Chromecast support, video support and allows you to store episodes on your phone. A Podcast app is best when the user does not have to deal with in-app purchases in order to get in-app features. It will be seamless to use and allow for a good search index of all the podcasts you want to listen to. Below are some features we consider for apps to select the best apps.

User Interface

A podcast app UI should be easy to understand and use. It should allow the user to listen to the podcast, pause or stop it, and control the volume. You can search for podcasts by their name, category, or keyword.


A good podcast app must have a good amount of channels to choose from. It should include all the popular channels and the news channels too so that users can discover which channels to follow as per their needs.


The cost of a podcast app is a very individual issue. Different people have different opinions on what a podcast app should cost. But the price has to be reasonable.

Cross-platform Support

Cross-platform support means that your podcast app works on different platforms such as iOS, Android, Web, and Windows. So any app, whether it’s free or paid, must have cross-platform support so that users can listen whenever on whatever device they want.

List of Best Podcast Apps

For those who enjoy podcasting and want to have a fresh podcast app, here are the best podcast apps for Android. There are a variety of standard speech radio applications for people who enjoy talk radio and don’t want to get into trouble for stuff to import or pick!

Podcast Go

Best Podcast Apps to Listen to your favorite podcasts on your phone!

Podcast Go is the best podcast app for Android and iOS, and it has a 5-star rating on iTunes. It has all the latest podcasts in the directory, and you can search for new podcasts by keyword or browse through the podcast directory. Users can subscribe to podcasts directly from this app. It has a built-in media player that allows you to play the podcasts without leaving the app.

You can sync your podcasts to your phone or SD card. You can also store podcasts directly to your phone or SD card. You can also listen to podcasts offline. Podcast Go has no limitations when it comes to the number of episodes you can listen to.


  • Discover new and popular podcasts.
  • Create your own playlists.
  • Control speed rate.
  • Choose your favorite app theme.
  • Set a sleep timer.


  • Paid Version is not so good.

Podbean Pro

Best Podcast Apps and Nominated as “Top Podcast Player Apps for Android and iPhone” by TCC

Podbean Pro is a powerful podcasting tool that allows podcasters to more easily edit audio files, create playlists, and upload podcasts to multiple hosting sites. With PodBean, podcasting is easier than ever before, and best of all, you can do it all from a single interface. Podbean Pro is the only complete podcast solution for your phone, tablet, and computer.

Search through our directory of over 1 million podcasts and listen to your favorite shows wherever you go. With Podbean Pro, you can increase engagement, grow your audience, and monetize your podcast.


  • Send gifts and rewards to the host
  • Advanced post-production, including edit, merge, split, and export.
  • New episode notification from following podcasts Channels.
  • Amazon Alexa Support.
  • Customized recommendations based on play history.
  • Search by podcast name, episode name, or author name.


  • Sometimes it started skipping randomly.
  • There is on P2P messaging function.

Google Podcasts

Discover free & trending podcasts with Best Podcast Apps by google

Google podcasts are one such app that makes it much easier to search for your favorite podcasts and listen to them. Google podcasts are much like the Google play store, and you can see podcasts in a very simple and quick way. The Google Podcasts app also helps you to store podcasts over WiFi and also over mobile data. You can store and play podcasts that you like, and then you can watch them offline.


  • Queue up episodes for seamless listening.
  • Subscribe and listen to favorite podcasts for free.
  • Listen to multiple devices.
  • Google Search and Google Assistant support.


  • Only Free channels are available.
  • Not so advanced.

Podcast Addict

#1 Podcast App on with over 10M+ installs 500K+ reviews, 2Billion+ great episodes

Podcast addict is your podcast directory and the best podcast app for Android. With it, you can listen to podcasts on any device you have since it is a fully-featured podcast manager and player. It brings you the best podcasts, news, game shows, comedy, sports, political talk shows, and more.

It is not affiliated with any podcast website or podcast network. Podcast addict will automatically find the newest episodes of your favorite podcasts. Just search for your favorite podcasts to find the latest episodes, then listen to your favorite podcasts with the built-in media player.


  • Browse podcasts by category
  • Browse podcasts by networks
  • Chromecast support
  • Bookmarks& Notes support


  • Only Free channels are available.
  • Not so advanced.


Play billions of songs and podcasts for free

Spotify is an online music streaming service that gives you access to millions of songs. Play any artist, album, or playlist in your Spotify app with a single tap. Enjoy Spotify premium on your iPhone for free for the first month. In our experience, this is one of the best podcast apps available. Using this application is extremely simple, and it has an easy-to-use feature that helps you find podcasts that match your interests or what you’re listening to right now. You can also share podcasts on social media.


  • Personalized Music Experience
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Play by any artist
  • Offline listening.


  • Expensive App
  • Offline recognition issue.


The easiest way to make pods, brought to you by Best Podcast Apps from Spotify.

Anchor is a new podcasting app that is getting a lot of buzzes. It’s considered one of the best podcast apps for Android and also one of the most innovative new products in recent years. We liked this app because it’s simple and very easy to use. Its no-nonsense design also makes it much easier to find the podcasts you want to listen to. Simply tap on the Anchor app to start talking. When you’re done, your podcast is automatically shared with the world. It’s that easy.


  • Record custom ads
  • Easily design cover art 
  • Distribute your podcast
  • Import your own audio files


  • Sometimes the app corrupts while importing.
  • The favorite podcast channel option has some issues.


Stream/queue episodes the way you like with adjustable playback

AntennaPod is the best podcast app for Android and iOS. We love podcasts and want you to love them too. We’re constantly looking for the best podcasts out there, sorting through tens of thousands to bring you the best. This application features a simple, streamlined user interface with a black-and-white color scheme.

It also offers a variety of features, such as a sleep timer, a lock-screen player, and a crossfade feature. Using this application, users can discover new podcast episodes and discuss their favorite podcasts with other listeners.


  • Manage cached episode
  • Keep track of episodes
  • Import feeds
  • Manage from anywhere.


  • It takes a while to resume
  • Pretty slow feedback.

DoggCatcher Podcast Player

The first Best Podcast Apps to Manage your podcasts and news feeds

The DoggCatcher Podcast Player is a podcatcher application for the Android operating system (OS). It allows the user to listen to and store podcasts and play them when offline.

You can listen to and manage your podcasts simultaneously from your Android device and your desktop computer with this ad-free, open-source application. Listen to podcasts while you commute, while you’re working out, while you’re playing video games, or while you’re doing anything that would otherwise be boring.


  • Material design
  • support Chromecast & Android Auto
  • Dark theme
  • OPML Import


  • Playback periodically stops auto
  • Sometimes previous episodes of auto disappeared.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is the world’s most popular and Best Podcast Apps.

Pocket Casts is the best way to enjoy and manage your favorite podcasts. With a beautiful and intuitive interface, Pocket Casts gets you listening to the podcasts you love faster than ever before. With a modern design and a focus on performance and reliability, Pocket Casts gets out of your way and lets you enjoy your podcasts. We love it because it’s easy, organized, has great features, has great design, and it’s cheap.

There is an in-app purchase, but you should consider it because it is incredibly useful. When you are unsure, the free trial is great.


  • Smart Sync
  • Smart Refresh
  • Smart Filter
  • New episodes Notifications


  • Long app loading time
  • Use lots of data.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this article has covered the eight best podcast apps for Android and iOS. With so many excellent options, it’s important to figure out what works for you and your needs. Google Podcast is the best podcast app for Android and iOS.

If you’re looking for a podcast app that is free, we highly recommend the Google Podcast app. And, for those who want to have a premium experience, Spotify or Anchor is the best podcast app to get your daily dose of the latest news. Spotify, which has more than 180 million monthly active users, launches Anchor dedicated only to podcasts. So, folks now explore the list again, and we will add new apps whenever we find one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Internet is a place of billions or even trillions of questions and these may be some questions about the best podcast apps. Here we have to round up some questions to provide legitimate answers.

Why Google Podcasts is the best free option?

Remarkably, Google Podcasts took so long to be released, but in many respects, it was worth the long wait. They can use Google Podcasts 100% free, and if you’re into the ecosystem of Google, this is the most useful option. You can find new podcasts as easily as you do a google search. So you can listen to your podcast on your Assistant-powered speaker no matter where you left off on the web. Outside of such Google integrations, Google Podcasts get big points elsewhere thanks to an elegant and simplistic interface.

What are the best paid Podcast apps for Android and iOS?

Spotify has been our primary choice as a podcast app for years now. In switching from the paying service to the subscription-based program, there was a small fight back. Before the organization confirmed that the customers were in Spotify Plus, you can either adhere to the freely available Version of Spotify Plus if you want to. Spotify’s overall performance is outstanding.
It looks fantastic, and it’s easy to use. Many great features, including replay speed limits, sound boost, the option to disable silence from a sequence along with a stunning dark theme, enjoyable replay, and more. Not everyone wants a specific podcast feature. You can even listen to podcasts if you are already using Spotify for your music needs.