Best Personal Assistant Apps

Personal assistants can be found in a range of categories, including email, chat apps and voice assistant. If you’re serious about finding the best personal assistant apps out there, keep reading.

Today, personal assistants are a very common way to get things done. From Google Now to Siri to Amazon’s Alexa, it’s becoming easier than ever to get assistance with almost anything. You can spend less time searching and more time working – with a better quality of work in return. 

It’s time to talk about the best personal assistant apps out there. These are the ones that are actually good at what they do.

8 Most Useful and The Best Personal Assistant Apps

With the rise of voice-activated personal assistants like Siri and Alexa, the idea of using these devices to do simple tasks has become increasingly popular. For Example, what if you’re a digital nomad or a busy professional who finds that it’s not always easy to keep up with email, calendar, and other important tasks? What if you just don’t have the time to make sure every task gets done? The solution is voice-activated personal assistants.

Best Personal Assistant Apps

And you don’t have to use the big companies – you can easily use personal assistants made by Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and even Apple to automate your tasks. Now you may ask which one should I choose, don’t worry we got you covered. Here in this article we will be discussing the features of each of them and which one is the Best Personal Assistant Apps for whom.

Google Assistant

Best Personal Assistant Apps

It would be crazy to start a list of assistants for Android by another than Google. The Google Assistant has an uninspired name but makes up for it by making use of everything that Google knows about you, which in Android is a lot. 

The Google Assistant can do almost everything, although the Spanish, Korean, Japanese or any other version is currently in testing. If you want to speak in another language with Assistant, for now, it is only possible from Allo. 

The normal version of the assistant, by voice, will arrive later. Meanwhile, either you use it in Allo, or you enjoy everything the assistant can do for you in English. 

Assistant dares everything and is especially good at finding information for you. With first-hand information from your Google accounts, Google Maps and, of course, Google, the Assistant can answer questions such as “ where is the nearest pizza place “, “ who goes first in the league? ” or “ where to eat sushi near me? ” 

Microsoft Cortana

Digital assistant the Best Personal Assistant Apps

We follow our list with another heavyweight of the assistants: Cortana. Unfortunately, although Cortana does not have problems to understand other languages in Windows, in Android it is denied and is only available in English. 

Why it will always be a mystery ? 

Cortana on Android serves a double purpose. On the one hand, it responds to the typical questions of “what time does”, “tell me a joke” or “bakeries in my area”, and on the other hand it serves as a link between your Windows PC and your mobile. In this way, you can send text messages and check your Android notifications from your Windows 10 PC. In Android, Cortana has the appearance of being eternally under construction. The interface is pleasing to the eye (or at least original), but the lack of support for more languages and general instability make you lose points. It remains to be seen if Microsoft decides to finish the job and launch the application globally. 

Google Now

Free Best Personal Assistant Apps

Google Now is the Best Personal Assistant Apps for android and ios was the first version of Google Assistant and was available for versions before Android 6.0 Marshmallow and possible with Android Oreo 8.0. He was the one who introduced us to the phrase “OK, Google”. 

Google Now is the base of voice commands to control the smartphone from which Google Assistant has been nourished. 

We can search what we want in Google and also interact with some of the applications and functions that we have on our smartphone. As, for example, send messages, call contacts, set alarms, take pictures, search the status of a flight or check the time. 

Some manufacturers eliminate this function from their Best launcher so to enjoy Google Now we must change the default launcher by Google Now Launcher to use the voice commands. 


Samsung’s Free Best Personal Assistant Apps

We follow the review of attendees with the most recent: Bixby  Best Personal Assistant Apps from Samsung . Included for now only on the  Samsung Galaxy S8 , where it even has an exclusive button, the Samsung assistant tries to focus more on making it easier to perform tasks on your mobile than on searching for things online. 

Bixby can inform you about the weather, tell you how your agenda is for the day, call your mother, show you information about the products you photograph with the camera, prepare the alarm for the next day and endless applications. At least, in theory. 

The experience is, again, bittersweet. Bixby is, for now, a half-cooked dish, with limited support for English, Korean, Chinese and Latin Spanish. No matter how much sense of humor Samsung included in Bixby, including beatboxing, Bixby is by now a much greener product than what was sold to us in the weeks before the release of the S8. 


Best Personal Assistant Apps alternative to Siri

From the heavyweights of recent appearance, we passed more veteran assistants like Vita. It has not been updated since 2015, but for years it has gained popularity on Google Play filling the gap of alternatives to Siri that has been empty for years. 

The truth is that by today’s standards Vita Best Personal Assistant Apps is a bit fair. You can ask about time, cooking recipes, nearby restaurants, your horoscope, jokes, making calls, sending messages and little else, but forget complex questions such as those supported by the Google or Siri assistant. 

DataBot Assistant

Best Personal Assistant Apps alternative to Siri

A small assistant that calls you by your name and understands other languages, not like Microsoft’s. It has different modules, and we can consult the instructions that we have available. 

The tone is not very natural, but it is quite robust and does what it promises. 


Best Personal Assistant Apps for AI Voice Assistant

This assistant is one of a few independent voice assistants for Android, developed by a small technology company in Palo Alto, California. 

With Robin, you can search for routes and addresses, send emails, post on Facebook, put events on the calendar, Tweet, open applications, make divisions, call and much more. Very for driving but only includes instructions in English.


Best Personal Assistant Apps by Xiaomi Inc.

Xiao Ai is an AI assistant app for Android that can perform many common tasks.

It can read your text messages, notes, email and calendar, and will suggest replies for you. It can also translate text, search the web and play music for you.

Xiaomi’s XiaoAi personal assistant is a bit of a mixed bag of features. On one hand, it has some pretty impressive features for a free app, including voice recognition, reminders, a weather widget, and a calendar. It also has a great set of voice-enabled actions, and a few third-party integrations that give the app more power.

You can’t find Xiao Ai on Google Play Store as it is currently available only for china, though Xiaomi Inc promised to launch it globally soon.

What are the Best Personal Assistant Apps?

If you’re looking for a digital assistant to help you with everything from making dinner reservations to answering questions about what your friends think of your new haircut, the best assistant app is undoubtedly Google Assistant. It’s easy to use, with a straightforward interface, and can perform many of the tasks that would traditionally be handled by a person. Plus, the Google Assistant has a natural language processor, which means it can learn your voice as you use it. This allows it to become much more useful in time.

Best Personal Assistant Apps
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Microsoft’s Cortana is another popular option, though it has fewer functions than Google Assistant, so if you want to take advantage of its voice command capability, then you’ll have to use Windows 10 (which you probably already do anyway).

Google Now is another good assistant app, but if you’re using an Android phone, then you’ll need to stick to the Google app. You won’t be able to access the voice features of the app without an active voice account.

How to choose the Best Personal Assistant Apps?

While personal assistants aren’t necessarily new, some have been gaining popularity in recent years. If you’ve used an assistant before, you know that they can be really helpful when it comes to things like getting directions, making reservations or searching for information online.

Some of these apps may even know your likes and dislikes so they can recommend what you might want to do next. This can be a great time saver, especially if you’re looking for a new place to eat.

Best Personal Assistant Apps
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You’ll also find a wide range of other features on these apps, from making calls and sending texts to playing music and connecting with family and friends. It’s worth paying attention to the services that each app provides because it can help you pick the one that’s best for you.

A few of the apps mentioned here offer premium subscriptions that will unlock even more features for you. Some are free but will show you ads. If this isn’t an issue for you, make sure you know what your options are when you sign up.


That sums up our list of personal assistant apps. Whether you want to get all of the information you need at one place or need help in planning your day, these apps will help you with that. So let’s not wait any longer and check out the best personal assistant apps.

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