Best Muslim Apps for Dating and Others

Best Muslim Apps – Best Islamic Apps: Are you looking for an app to meet people? To improve your spiritual life and learn prayers? To learn to manage other languages? You are in the right place, with these apps for Muslims you can enjoy everything that because of having little freedom you could not even consider. 

Best Muslim Apps

Best Muslim Apps 

Muzmatch offers you the opportunity to send chats to your family and friends and gives you the option of uploading inconspicuous profile photos instead of common photos. 

The purpose of this app is to develop as a digital conduit that those users who wish to interact with each other, is something quite innovative. Available for Android and iOS. 

Muslim Pro

Overall Best Muslim Apps

Muslim Pro is one of the Apps most used by the Muslim world today, these apps offer you to know when they are in full celebration of the Ramadan and the first thing to do, is to be placed on the map, through its location, the app will issue notifications of the different prayers that will be carried out day by day depending on the time. They can activate or deactivate the notifications of each prayer independently. 

After they have activated the notifications, they must choose the language in which they want, the app will offer a variety of them. Once these first steps are done, you can enjoy all the benefits that it brings, see the hours of each prayer according to the area in which the user belongs, a Quran for personal readings and also a Quibla, which is a compass to guide them to Mecca, the community to establish ties with other Muslims, a phrase and image that will serve as daily inspiration, an Islamic calendar, Halal places to eat. 

This app is free but has advertising to unlock and select multiple voices for the call to pray, listen to the Koran without an Internet connection or unlock themes and colours you must pay 30 euros forever or 7.50 euros the first year. You can also choose to pay a euro for the first month. The later will be 10 euros per month. You can also try it for free for a week. Your installation file weighs only 11 MB. Available for Android and iOS. 


Best Muslim Apps About Ramadan 

With Ramadan 2021 the main thing to do is to access the location so that the App knows where the user is, after this first step, the user must proceed to select the city in which we are manually or automatically, the App has a single screen where we can see: 

  • A bar with today and the one corresponding to Ramadan. We can press the arrows to go forward or backward in time. 
  • An alarm so that the app warns you of the corresponding prayers of the day 
  • A double block of colors in which we have the time of beginning and end of the fast 
  • Your location and lost days of Ramadan 

This App has different sections such as a calendar, various prayers with its pronunciation, a practical guide on Ramadan and the 99 names of Ala. Ramadan 2019 is free although it has ads inside and its installation file weighs about 18MB. Available for Android and iOS. 

Daily Supplications

Best Muslim Apps for Islamic Music

Daily supplications, a free app will be able to handle the saving of audios pro version of the app for 5.50 euro without any type of limit, so take a look at it, after configuring the location on the main screen you will be able to see the prayers and supplications classified by categories as “Clothes, House, Trip, Animals, Death”. 

 In the lateral repertoire, they will get The Quran, a qibla, the 99 names Ala and a calendar, each prayer has its phonetic reproduction and voice audio so that they can hear it. Available for Android. 

Step By Step Salah – Namaz

Best Muslim Apps to Learn Namaz

If you are learning the different sentences, this is the application to be able to learn, although unfortunately, it is only in English, it will help you to do your salat, orienting you with the different positions and what they should say in each of the sentences. Available for Android and iOS. 


Best Muslim Apps for Spiritual Development

An innovative application, QamarDeen will help you to be more profitable with your spiritual life and in the performance of your actions. 

It will help you to follow the spiritual development, in addition to measuring your situation and improving it, it will also allow you to carry the sequence of the Salat, your recitation of the Qur’an, your Sadaqah, your fast and you will be able to visualize your progress and goals. Available for Android. 

Mondly – Learn 33 Languages Free

Best Muslim Apps to Learn Arabic

An App with great benefits allows the user the option to learn different languages, among them is Arabic to review it from the most basic, in addition to retaining the first Arabic words, weapon sentences with appropriate grammatical structures and an excellent pronunciation which It will be fruitful to participate in conversations with natives. 

This app will make the learning process faster, especially because it does so in a fun way as if it were a game, suitable for all levels “Beginner, expert, intermediate” made for any age and academic degree. With Mondly you will learn very fast because it is based on keywords and phrases so that they can be included in a conversation without any problem. Available for Android and iOS. 

If you dare to install the app you can: 

  • Participate in basic day-to-day conversations. 
  • Ask at a restaurant without anyone translating for you. 
  • Go on a trip to the country of your dreams and talk with people from the area. 
  • Make reservations at hotels and ask for directions. 
  • Rent a car and travel without a guide. 
  • Ask the price of some object and negotiate without getting ripped off. 
  • Make friends and have fun. 


Tourists Knowledgebase Best Muslim Apps

This app is designed for university professionals and tourists, as well as being very useful for users with different profiles. It has more than 2000 words of vocabulary and expressions for beginners and more experienced, also offers games to make learning much more fun. Available for Android. 

With this Islamic app, you can work with a set of 51 units based on situations of daily life, such as: 

  • Book an airline ticket or a hotel room. 
  • Eat-in a restaurant. 
  • Go shopping. 
  • Go for a walk or trip. 
  • Meet new people 

It also has audio recordings made by native Arabs, the different units will give them the opportunity to develop various skills 

  • Consonants isolated, initial, final, intermediate. 
  • Vowels. 
  • Greetings. 
  • Presentations. 
  • Family. 
  • Colors. 
  • Numbers. 
  • Weekdays. 
  • Months and seasons of the year. 


Advance and Best Muslim Apps to Learn Arabic

Be part of this community of 80million users, so you can enjoy Arabic classes of advanced beginner level, with these Best Muslim Apps you will not need the internet since there is an offline mode. 

They can dedicate the time they want, learning another language helps for comprehension, memorization, writing and oral expression. Available for Android and iOS.