Best Android Hacks & Tricks You Should Know

Best Android Hacks and Tricks: Smartphones tend to describe us as a forum for our online identities and, should often handle appropriately and safeguarded against online or offline misconduct (hacking). If your mobile is not cautious, it can not only involve a lack of connections and telephone numbers. It’s your social network page, your synced folders, your central records, your addresses, your pictures, and your tweets.

All the knowledge is being tracked, copied, and circulated across the world wide web if you are not cautious enough. Although we would prefer to see individuals not play with sensitive details of others, placing spiritual issues on one side, it is the cyber universe where criminals and hackers are shielded behind encryption and are impossible to track. Nobody is better off than you to protect your records. We assume these tips and tricks improve that.

Detail Guide on Top 10+ Best Android Hacks and Tricks You Should Know

Best Android Hacks and Tricks

Only those individuals who are avid mobile consumers realize that either Android or iOS devices are the two main buyers. Now it is well known Android is deemed more user-facile and useful. It is equally correct that all the users who use Android apps will change their phones and make the settings more convenient by adjusting and modifying device operations. It is one significant aspect absent on all iOS smartphones, which is why Android is something of a success for citizens in general.

Why use Android Hacks?

Android is the most popular mobile operating system out there, and as a result, with every update there are some hidden gems relesaed for users who know what they are doing. And this hidden gems are the key to unlock the full potential of your device that’s why everyone should learn the secrets of android operating system.

List of Best Android Hacks and Tricks

If you’d like your Android Phone to feel happier by making it more sophisticated and exclusive, here’s a compilation of around ten tricks and ideas that you can use to make your Android Phone slimmer to trendier. In this post, we mentioned 10 + of the most that, fashionable and cool hacks you can do right now with your Android Phone. And let’s get into it immediately without further ado.

Use Android Guest Mode

The Guest Mode feature enables access to multiple applications, whether you want to take a photo and share it on social media. Guest Mode is perfect since only the default applications are shown. Guest Mode helps many users to access different apps, take new images and join their social network sites as though they were their computers. All your info, however, will be maintained until you are out of guest mode. The next time you borrow your telephone, move back to Guest Mode, and you’ve never removed your photos.

There is plenty of android application available to help you. We have nevertheless chosen Safe: to protect your privacy as an example. Once this article was written, the software was in Early Access, which indicates it was entirely unknown, but it showed strong promise and functionality. Tap on the Play button below to launch the game. This is how Guest Mode functions:

  • Select Guest Mode
  • Open the app and select Guest Mode on the right side of the screen.
  • Select Apps to Be Blocked

You will get a list of apps that are installed on your device. Check the ones you don’t want to appear in Guest Mode. Then tap Set Pin.

Enable and Use Developer Options

While this Android hack is usually overlooked, the release of developer options is instrumental. With the developer choice disabled, you can customize the profile of your application, adjust its output and do further stuff that your request does not typically permit. You may display system statistics by visiting the app tools or uninstall mobile bloatware. Follow these guidelines now that you know how valuable the developer choices are:

  • Navigate to Settings Pages and head over to System. Some devices may not have this option available. If your device is also missing this option, don’t panic and just start from the next step.
  • Find out About Phone option on the settings page and tap on it.
  • Navigate the option named Build Number and tap on it precisely seven times al along.
  • After the seventh click, you’ll be asked for key the passcode. And, then a notification will show up saying that you’re already a developer.
  • Now return to the System tab main page, and you’ll see a new option named Developer Options below.
  • With Developer Options, you can Tweak your device as to your wish.

Glide Typing Using Gestures

Manual typing is a beneficial method, mainly if you write on your Phone long documents. All you need to do is seamlessly move around your finger on the keys on the keyboard to create a word by utilizing motion typing. Here is how to enable your Android Phone to type gestures:

  • Navigate to Settings Page and head over to System.
  • Choose the option says Languages & Input.
  • Find and Tap on the option called Virtual Keyboard.
  • You will see something says Gboard and Click on it.
  • Now you’re inside the keyboard preferences and settings pages where you can customize everything as you like and for Glide Typing head over to the option for it.
  • Turn glide typing on and leave out other option as they are. And you are done.

While Your Phone is on Keep, it Unlocked Automatically.

By introducing Trusted Places, we attempted to control the Smart Lock earlier. As we mentioned, when you are in that area, you do not need to key your passcode repeatedly. This time, only while it is upon you will we keep the Phone unlocked. If you are playing, locking and unlocking your Phone is very challenging and dangerous. Only PIN Code will be required in the On-Body Detection mode once and then! The telephone is reasonably intelligent to determine where it was put. But one drawback is The On-body Detection feature can’t distinguish between two different persons.

  • Navigate to Settings Page and head over to the option named Security & Location.
  • Find and click on the option named Smart Lock, and then you’ll be asked for a passcode to go no.
  • Head over to the On-body Detection option and turn that on.

You Need to Focus just Limit the Notifications.

Should not bother bills in front of doors have you noticed any? You may use the Don’t Stör Features or DND to enforce the same on your app alerts. It does not shut down the notifications; it restricts them only. This understands those are critical and which ones are not interrupted and remain quiet until the DND is off. There are ways to block website without any extensions to limit distractions, which will be discussed in another article. Let’s do this and you must do the following to enable DND:

  • Navigate to the Settings page and head over to Sound Settings.
  • Where you can also see volume preferences. Click on Do Not Disturb preferences option from below.
  • Change the Do Not Disturb Settings according to your need and click Priority Only Allows.

Turn NO Android Remote Option

Think you never have to get up to change your Computer? Do you ever imagine? Do you like to adjust the PowerPoint slide without tapping on the Computer, again and again, getting distracted? Now, by transforming your mobile into a device, you can do that and more. Why do you do this?

  • Search and Unified Remote from the Play Store.
  • Get the Unified Remote Server on the PC that you wants to control. By checking the official tutorial on how to add a server on your PC.
  • Install the Unified Remote program initial files; after all, the file has been added to the device.
  • Now it’s time to Configure the Unified Remote Server by filling up the requirement that’s asked by the software.
  • Find out the file location that you want to control using your device as a remote. These can include music or documents. It’s recommended that you use a separate folder for each.
  • Once the Server set up is complete, go to the Unified Remote app on your Android.
  • Pick the server you just installed, and get connected to your PC.
  • All done. Everythings are pretty self-explanatory. If you get any issue, check the official website for a step-by-step guide.

Seamlessly Switch Between WLAN and Data Connection

It can be a challenge often, as you decide to switch from Wi-Fi to Data Link, mainly whether you go out after work or go home. We often have no option but to adapt especially if our Wi-Fi contact creates complications or difficulties. Setting the app to turn automatically is simple as swiping the quick menu and setting it up on the Ux settings for new Smartphone models. Yet it’s a separate story for older telephones. We suggest testing the device named Jumpnet if you have an Android phone running 5.0 and older.

The software operates as a VPN and aims to make it easy to move between Wi-Fi and the internet. You will not have to miss your games or live stream in this way.

  • Get an android app named Jumpnet. And Install it on your device.
  • The app is in beta requires you to create an account via official invitation only. After that, you can be able to use data and WLAN switch easily.

Play Old Games Using Emulator

Are you dreaming of GameBoy Advance? By running a GBA simulator on your mobile, you can watch them again. A popular Google Play Store GBA emulator, My Boy, is compatible with a range of tons of GBA ROMs, which hundreds of thousands of players worldwide download. You must follow the instructions below if you want to join the fun brought about by the opportunity to play your kids’ games again:

  • Open Play Store on your device and install John GBA Lite – GBA emulator.
  • After installing the John GBA Lite emulator you need GBA ROMs to play games. Find similar web like Romsmania or just visit them, they have some good ROMs on the collection. Visit the site and search for “GBA ROMs” in the search box, and you’re good to go!

Overclock your Android Phone to Use all available Resources

Are you sick of hanging your Android Phone every time you use a resource-intensive Android app? If this is so, then your smartphone should be overclocked. Overclocking is only to root your mobile device to the point that a user permits App settings and eliminates other hardware constraints, such as internal memory, battery life and so on. However, it must be remembered that overclocking the smartphone has a certain amount of side effects.

You can burn out the processor of your Phone because overclocking produces excessive heat that can overpower your smartphone’s built-in cooling device. This may even be raising the environment of the mobile. Nevertheless, you can even underclock your Phone’s processors to increase their life cycle by utilizing well-designed Android overclocking software. To order to run these applications on your Android smartphone, you do need a new generation Android phone. SetCPU is a great Android app for this feature, and it is highly recommended.

Enhance Sound Quality of Your Device

Although there is the excellent audio quality on many Android smartphones, there is awful Sound in certain apps. You should check the Equalizer software like Equalizer FX. Pro from the Google Play Store if you’re trying to boost the audio level and loudness for your mobile speakers and headphones. It’s gratis, so it has a shopping in-app. On-device that is rooted custom sound mods can be added. Developers are usually seeking to enhance the Android user experience so that you will find audio modifications for various Android devices.

LED Lights Customization for Your Device

You may use 3rd party software, such as LED Blinker Notifications Pro, to configure the LED lights on your Android devices. LED Blinker Notifications Pro is a fantastic technology that helps you to configure your Phone’s LED screen display. Furthermore, you can customize items such as LED color, duration, and flash speed. The app is online and paid for, although the above costs only USD 3.5. The software is safe.

Find My Phone to find lost phone

You have a range of friends who use Apple devices, and with Find My iPhone you’re proud to learn how safe their handsets are. Well, because your Android Phone also has “Find My Device” features (formerly known as the Android Device Manager), it’s precisely like finding My iPhone. It helps you to locate your mobile missing or stolen quickly, and you can know where to find the unit.

Besides this, you can lock your Phone remotely by Android Find My Device, especially when the Phone has been stolen. The criminal would be stopped from collecting valuable details by preventing his connection to your sensitive records. Then you can delete everything on your Phone from Find My Phone if you want to move home. Follow these easy steps to activate:

  • Navigate to the Settings page and head over to the Security & Location Option. Some phones may name this option something similar to this be clever and find that out.
  • Click on Find My Device option listed there.
  • Turn on feature and set the location on high accuracy tracking. If ever the worst thing happens unexpectedly.
  • Now head over to Device Admin Apps.
  • Again tap on Find My Device option here.
  • Read the permissions notice before granting the permissions. Here you can set this admin app to automatically delete everything without warning when the Phone is stolen or in the worst case lost. There are some other thing and option you can enable or disable according to your need.
  • Sign in to your Google account from a PC or even Phone both will work. Check for Find Your Phone on the google my account panel.
  • If you have other device connected to your account, they all will show up select the one that’s you just lost or set up to check.
  • Now, Google will ask for verification and will be given some options to locate the device, which can help you retrieve your Phone. You can also choose to sign out and delete everything from here.

Final Words about Best Android Hacks and Tricks

Various users around the globe use Android devices. Who uses other hacks and bugs to boost the functionality and usability of their Android smartphones. Above is a compilation of 10+ of this kind’ of hacks. We think this article is useful to our users. Don’t forget to try these cool tricks, and we hope you are going them.

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