Blogs are everywhere. A blog is an online diary or journal, usually in text form. It can have pictures, music, videos, and other attachments, but the basic form of a blog is text.

Blogging is a technology, not an art form. The blog form was invented by programmers who want an easy way to publish text online. It’s not something you can sit down, in a studio, and work on for hours. You have to sit in front of a computer and write.

How Blogs Works?

The form has evolved into a standard way to document thoughts, ideas, and opinions. That use is the reason why blogs are called blogs. Bloggers have a common vocabulary, and they use some of the same phrases and words. But conventions and vocabulary are cultural artifacts, not part of blogging’s essence.

Blogs aren’t really about blogs. Blogs exist because people have ideas and opinions they want to share with others. A blog is a medium for publishing those ideas and opinions, and the medium is less important than the message. A blog is a medium, not a message. No one makes money blogging. Blogging is not an industry. There are no bloggers making fortunes.

Blogs are a form of self-publishing. Blogging is an individual act, not a collective one. The medium, the blogging software, and the blog format are designed by programmers. Nobody pays programmers to write blogging software, or to create blogs. Bloggers use their blogs to express their own ideas, and in that sense they are publishers, not programmers.
Even programmers who design blogging software are individuals. Blogs are written by individuals bloggers.