Best Microsoft Apps for Android

 Microsoft Apps for Android: As we found out a few days ago, Microsoft announced that it would bury the axe concerning its mobile operating system and its intention to compete with Android and iOS, instead seems to bet on developing adapted versions of its products to work in those OS from Google and Apple, so we’ll present you with a list of all Microsoft applications for Android. 

What are the Microsoft Apps for Android Available?

When it comes to mobile apps, Microsoft has a reputation as one of the best companies for developing cross-platform apps like Word and Excel and native apps that work on Android, iOS, and Windows phones. With Microsoft Office, its suite of productivity apps, the company can make the case that it offers the best productivity apps on all platforms. The problem is that Office Mobile isn’t explicitly designed with tablet use in mind, so the company doesn’t offer a great tablet experience.

Microsoft Apps for Android

Instead, it makes sense to pick up a copy of the Office 365 subscription, including the core productivity suite and access to cloud storage. However, if you’re looking to run native Office on your phone or tablet, you’ll have to do so by installing the Office app from Google Play or the App Store.

While the Office mobile apps aren’t quite as intuitive as their desktop counterparts, some of Microsoft Apps for Android provide a good experience and are worth checking out if you find yourself needing to use them for work.

All Microsoft Apps for Android 

When reviewing, we have noticed that Redmond has not wasted time, and there is an extensive list of utilities, entertainment, games, photography, office automation and more apps available in the Google Play Store, so we have decided to present in an organized way the utilities that They can be installed, primarily free. Below is a list of Microsoft Apps for Android.

Microsoft Swift Keyboard

Microsoft Apps for Android to Edit Documents

Microsoft’s Swift keyboard is a great keyboard app for people looking for something a little more powerful than Google Keyboard. It doesn’t have any bloatware or unnecessary features that Google uses to pad its bottom line. The best part? It’s free!

The Swift keyboard does offer a few more features that Google does not, such as the ability to type in multiple languages simultaneously, word predictions, emoji, and many other extras. If you’re looking for a better alternative to Google Keyboard, this is it.

In addition to using Swift Keyboard on its own, you can use it as a text input method to help you type with ease when you’re using other apps. Swift Keyboard includes a few different languages and keyboard layouts, as well as virtual assistant support. This Microsoft Apps for Android or the Keyboard also offers a variety of themes and shortcuts to help you customize your keyboard to your liking.

Your Phone Companion

Microsoft Apps for Android to Edit Sheet

Your Phone Companion is a powerful app that makes it easy to keep your contacts and information on all your devices in sync. This app supports Android, Windows Phone, iOS, BlackBerry, and even some tablets. Your Phone Companion can sync contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, files, and much more.

Your Phone Companion allows features like backup, restore, and device sharing. In addition, the app also includes additional features like customizing the look and feel of the app, making it easier to find what you’re looking for, and providing other functionality.

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft Apps for Android to Edit Slide

If you’re looking for an easy way to translate text on your phone, Microsoft Translator is a smart choice. It’s available in the Google Play Store, and it’s been a trusted app among Android users for years.

When you enable it, Microsoft Translator uses a combination of natural language processing and crowdsourced translations to help you understand a conversation or text message.

For example, suppose you’re talking to someone who’s speaking a different language. In that case, you can tap a button to automatically translate a phrase or phrase from a chosen language, then quickly tap on the translated text to see the translation and get the message across.

It can even translate text that’s typed in different languages using a built-in word processor. There’s also a voice-to-voice and OCR option that works like the standard Translate feature.


Cloud Storage Microsoft Apps for Android

Microsoft’s OneDrive is an online storage service that combines the features of Google Drive and Dropbox. It provides 5 GB of space for free, and premium plans start at a minimum cost per month for additional storage. You can access files from anywhere, and your content automatically syncs across your devices.

The app integrates directly with Onedrive on the android app, making it easy to view your content and pull up files from your phone. If you want to use a different cloud storage provider like Amazon or Apple, you can do so with OneDrive using your Microsoft account.


Microsoft Apps for Android to Email

If you’re looking for an email client on your phone that has the Outlook-style design and user experience of desktop Outlook, then consider using the accessible version of Outlook for Android.

This app is not only easy to use, but it also comes with a ton of features like multiple accounts, filters, labels, and more, and integrates with Google Calendar, Gmail, Yahoo, Yandex, and more if you need to send or receive emails while on the go, this is the app for you.

 Microsoft Office 

Microsoft Apps for Android to Office

While Google has made some inroads with its free offerings, Microsoft still has a hold on the market with Office Mobile. The app lets you edit and create Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote documents and access your cloud-synced files. The app is available for Android or iOS-based tablets and smartphones.


Microsoft Apps for Android to Note

OneNote is your new best friend for taking notes. The app combines the simplicity of Evernote’s note-taking experience with the power of Microsoft Office’s tools and an easy-to-use interface. OneNote works on mobile devices or Windows desktops, with support for the web and various file formats, like PDF, DOCX, and PPTX. You can even take screenshots of web pages and annotate them directly in OneNote.

OneNote also makes it easy to collaborate on documents. You can share and edit notebooks from within the app and sync notebooks with other users. Plus, there are dozens of templates that you can customize to get started. OneNote is a fantastic app for capturing notes, making it easy to organize them and collaborate with others.

 Microsoft Lens 

Microsoft Apps for Android to Camera

Microsoft Lens is an interesting new way to find images on your phone or tablet using your device’s camera.

Lens has been available since the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but the company is making it even more potent by adding valuable new features like text recognition. You can then use the app’s search function to find photos with that text on them, whether it’s a friend’s name or a landmark you want to remember.

Of course, you can still use the app to look for pictures based on location, people, objects and more. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can tap the + icon to add a category of your own.

You can also use Lens as a handy QR code reader, and you can add notes to images you find.

 Microsoft Edge 

Microsoft Apps for Android to browse the internet

Edge is Microsoft’s attempt to take on Chrome as the default web browser in Windows 10. The app has a user interface with customizable settings, bookmarks, and tab management. Still, it’s most notable for what it brings to the table: the ability to open and view Microsoft Office documents directly from within the app.

Microsoft Edge also brings various other improvements to the browser game, including improved performance and security features.

 Microsoft Launcher 

App Drawer Microsoft Apps for Android

Microsoft Launcher is a clean, intuitive, and fast launcher designed to be the central hub for your phone. It puts your favourite Microsoft apps right at your fingertips and makes them easy to access with a swipe or a tap. It also shows previews for any website you visit in your browser, so you can quickly jump to the content you’re interested in.

Microsoft Launcher offers three modes: Apps, Themes, and Widgets. The Apps model brings together all of your installed apps and lets you launch them by swiping from left to right or tapping on an app tile. The Themes mode gives you the option of customizing your launcher with various themes organized into collections. The Widgets mode lets you add additional widgets to your home screen, making it easier to stay on top of your day-to-day activities.

Microsoft Launcher works with any device running Android 4.0 or later and is free for all users.


Search Engine Microsoft Apps for Android

The search giant is known for its web browser and search engine apps, but Bing for Android is a much more well-rounded experience. The app has a slick, clean design, which feels right at home on Android and makes it easy to access Bing’s services like Bing News and Bing Maps.

That said, Bing is still missing some of the more advanced search options found in its iOS app, like voice search and location-based searches. It’s also missing some features, like a “web” tab in the app drawer, that were previously exclusive to Windows Phone. And while it does offer offline search and voice dictation, these features are only available in certain regions.

But if you’re in the United States, Canada, or Mexico, you’ll have access to all of these features with Bing for Android.


xBox Microsoft Apps for Android

Microsoft is working on its game console with Project xCloud, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options out there already. Xbox is a solid app for getting gaming straight from your phone, with an Xbox app and game store (but no controller) for $5. It includes all of your existing Xbox Live account info, plus you can connect to your Microsoft Account if you want to access more of your cloud content like movies, music, or games.

Of course, that’s just a tiny part of the app’s value. It also has a solid library of games to pick from, including some exclusives and bundles only available in the US. Plus, if you’re buying an Xbox, it’s the perfect app to use as your central hub.


Microsoft Apps for Android to Make video calls

Skype is probably the most popular app on the Android platform for video calling, and it has been since its launch in 2003. While it was previously free, there have been several subscription plans over the years. The latest offering is Skype for Business, which brings video calling to Office 365 customers.

Microsoft Apps for Android
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If you’re not already a customer, you’ll need to sign up for a trial first. But even if you are, you should take advantage of the free option, which lets you make calls within your account or other Skype users. Once that’s set up, you can then upgrade to a paid version with additional features.

There are also a few other useful features in the free version, including screen sharing and recording. There’s also a built-in WiFi calling feature that lets you make calls over any network with Skype.

 Age of Empire 

Game Apps by Microsoft for Android

Age of Empires is one of the most famous real-time strategy (RTS) games on Windows and Mac. With Age of Empire on Android, you can enjoy the game with more friends and play with them online and offline.

Microsoft released the most popular version of Age of Empire, and it’s available on many mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. However, the iOS version was released only in Germany, while the Android version is available worldwide.

Microsoft Selfie

Microsoft Apps for Android to take a selfie

Microsoft Selfie is a camera app designed for people who want to take photos with an app that’s easy to use and is already on their phone.

The app allows you to snap a photo quickly, crop it, and add filters or effects before sharing it via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, email, or text. You can also access other tools, like voice recording, slow-motion video, and more.

There are plenty of filters to choose from, including sepia, black & white, vintage, HDR, and more. This Microsoft Apps for Android also has its suite of filters that can be applied to images in your gallery, but you can’t use the filters directly to photos you shoot with the app.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft Apps for Android to Secure Login

Microsoft’s 2-FA app is a quick way to add an extra layer of security to your Google account. It allows you to set up a PIN on your phone as a second verification step to protect your account from brute force attacks.

For this protection to work, your device has to be running Microsoft’s own mobile OS, Windows 10 Mobile, or the Xbox One.

The app itself is pretty simple. You type in your user name and password, and then you’re prompted to confirm that information by entering the four-digit code you were given.

You can set a different code if you wish, but only use one PIN per device. While Microsoft Apps for Android Authenticator does not require any additional hardware to function, it does rely on your cellular data connection. If you have an unlimited plan, then this shouldn’t be a concern. Otherwise, make sure you’ve got a WiFi connection available.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Apps for Android to Manage Team

Microsoft Teams is the enterprise team collaboration Microsoft Apps for Android. It brings together Office 365 groups, Skype for Business, Yammer, and more under one roof, making it easy for users to share content, and view, comment on, and discuss it.

For small businesses, Microsoft Teams offers robust security features and a range of administrative tools. In addition to chat and video calling, Teams can sync up calendars, share files, manage permissions, and more.

While Teams may not be an app that you want to use every day, it’s a good option for when you need to work with a group of people in real-time. You can create teams within Microsoft Teams so that you can collaborate with colleagues around the globe. And since Teams is built into Windows 10, you can take advantage of the native integration with the operating system.

Our Verdict

The list is extensive; Microsoft has developed a vibrant ecosystem of applications for Android, from apps for specific news such as MSN Reports, to collaborative platforms such as Microsoft Planner or even the classic game Solitario that so many generations have used, without leaving aside the popular SwiftKey keyboard that has recently been updated. Let us know which one of these Microsoft Apps for Android is your daily driver. And do share this post if you find it helpful.