Best Running Apps

The key to being a runner isn’t running a lot. It’s running well. To help you run better, here are the best running apps to keep you in shape.

If you’re looking for a way to stay in shape, there’s a lot of options out there. From mobile apps to websites, there’s a huge range of resources to help you reach your goals. There are many great apps out there to help you stay motivated when it comes to working out, but it’s tough to keep track of all of them. But which one will get you results? To help you make an informed choice, we put together a list of our favorites.

With all the things to do and so many distractions, it’s hard to get fit and stay motivated. Here are the best running apps to help you stay motivated and improve your speed and endurance.

The Ultimate List of the Best Running Apps

Best Running Apps

Within this selection and With this roundup of the top apps for running, you’ll be able to get an overview of all your running activity across devices, set goals and get feedback, connect with other runners, and share your progress with friends. Which will help you to improve your physical background, to prepare for a marathon or with routes to run that you can share with other users: 

Couch to 5k & 10k

Best Running Apps for Simple Run

This is a very simple running app. Depending on our level we will select one or the other level of training that is based on race and gait intervals that will increase to the detriment of the other as we acquire. 

It is a Premium app, that is, it will leave us part of the free training and the rest we will have to unlock. 

Running COACH

Best Running Apps for Professional Run

Running COACH is a free running app that keeps you motivated and on track. It’s the best free running apps very similar to Start Running but  much more complete and with the support of professional athletes. 

The app tracks your workouts and lets you compete with friends and your personal best. You can also compare your data with other runners to keep motivated. Running COACH is designed to be your personal coach to help you train and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to running and fitness tracking, Running COACH offers motivation and encouragement.

You can receive push notifications when you have laps completed, missed runs, and if your goal for the day was met. The app gives you access to a community of runners and an option to connect with your friends.

5K Runner

Best Running Apps Alternative to Couch 5k to 10k

This running app free for Android follows the structure of the other two, training that interspersed running and walking, increasing the race time to reach the level of running without problems up to 5 kilometres. The big difference is that it is compatible with our best music,  has a coach  that tells us to accelerate or slow down, a history, etc.

Freeletics Running

Best Running Apps for Distance Running

Freeletics Running app is different from the rest because it is not so much training in getting a distance,  but in interval training ( HIT )  that will increase our physical background regardless of the total distance. 

Decathlon Coach

Best Running Apps for Private Coaching

The famous best sports apps on the store also have its app to help us train for our  running careers, but also  for other sports.  

The idea is very similar to previous with customized training according to our level and objectives, with a history of workouts, map, progress, etc. 

Running Trainer

Best Running Apps for Run Tracker & Training Plans

Like the Decathlon app, this app allows us to train progressively for the most common distances in the different running tests of today. 

We have specific training plans, real-time coaching, maps with the route, etc. 


Overall Best Running Apps for Run

This is one of the most known apps in the world runner. It helps us to save and share our careers to maintain a history and see our progress, as well as calories burned, etc. It also has challenges that will serve to motivate us. 


Best Running Apps for Running & Walking

An app very similar to Runtastic but that adds training plans of different intensities if we want to improve our brands. 

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that gives you all the bells and whistles of a dedicated GPS running or cycling app without requiring you to pay for an expensive Garmin or other device, Endomondo is your best bet.

You can connect Endomondo with your Google account to sync data like your route, speed, distance, pace, elevation, and more. There are tons of ways to customize your tracking experience, like changing your routes and view times.

And, while this isn’t a GPS device, Endomondo’s maps are accurate enough for you to plan your runs or rides with confidence. It’s a great app for those of us who want to keep track of our fitness activities.

Nike+ Run Club

Best Running Apps by Nike

The Nike running app stands out especially for its social nature, especially being able to compete against your friends or the rest of the users for being the farthest away in less time. 

Engineered specifically for runners, the Nike+ Run Club app goes beyond basic tracking with several motivation and coaching features, including end-of-run cheers from top athletes, built-in photo sharing that overlays your run stats with a photo from your route, and audio-based workouts from top Nike coaches to help guide you along the way. This audio-coached runs package also features a Spotify integration so you can listen to your favorite playlists while the coach provides the audio cues. You’ll love how easy it is to get started.

Strava Training

Best Running Apps for Running, Cycling & Swimming

Strava is the social app for the world of running. With it, apart from having the ability to measure our training, we can get routes from other users, join runners clubs, see news from our friends … a complete social network! 

Google Fit

Best Running Apps for Health and Activity Tracking

This is the  health apps of Google  and one of the most recommended to have in our Android. In it we can have synchronized the data of most of the apps that we have recommended, you can measure our daily activity automatically and we can also actively track our careers. 

As you can see, there are many best running apps to run that we have available on Android, and these are just a selection of recommendable, but there are many more. Now you just have to install the one that best suits your needs and start the ‘bikini operation’ in the best way possible.

Map My Run

Best Running Apps by Under Armour

Under Armour has taken the concept of a fitness app further with the introduction of their own running app, Map My Run. This app provides users with a GPS, maps, and a tracking feature that lets you know exactly how far you’ve run and how fast you’re going at any given moment.

The app will show both your current run and your total. You’ll have a good idea of where you are in your run and how you’re doing against your total. This is a great extra if you have fitness trackers or heart rate sensors, and want to use them with Apple Watch. You can also set goals and see detailed information about how you’re doing with your fitness efforts. A premium subscription gives you access to voice coaching and location sharing, but removes ads.

Running is a great form of cardio exercise and there are a ton of benefits to it. It’s a great way to lose weight and build muscle as well as an opportunity to clear your mind. That’s why I recommend running in the mornings – you’ll get in shape faster, burn more calories and feel better throughout the day.

This book is for runners who enjoy other activities besides running, and is a good book for those who are looking for an active book to read. Whether you’re looking for walking, biking, or general fitness apps, you’ll find them all in this one app. From Under Armour, you’ll find the best walking, biking, and general fitness apps.


Best Running Apps for training plans

Track your runs, runs, hikes, or other distance activities with this app. It’ll keep you motivated when it comes to your fitness routine! This app helps you monitor your progress throughout the day and offers a variety of training plans that are well-designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. It even provides helpful reminders and gamified challenges to keep you motivated.

It’s easy for users to log in and check the route availability, choose the route they want to run, and then track their progress via a map. With MyFitnessPal, you can track your progress and workout history, and sync with other apps and services, including Nike+, RunKeeper, FitBit and more. You can also receive detailed reports of your tracked activity.

Whether you’re running in a race, training for a half marathon, or just getting fit, Runkeeper helps you track and manage your workout from start to finish.

adidas Running

Best Running Apps by adidas

adidas Running isn’t just a running app. It’s an app with more. It helps you get fit. It gives you motivation. And it helps you reach your goals. Fitness Tracking app can help you to track your fitness activities and create a detailed log of all your fitness activities. It’s the ultimate resource to learn how to sell on Amazon. It includes great analytics with charts and graphs to track your progress.

If you want a simple app that will help you track your exercise, this is the app for you. It can help you track your running, walking, jogging, and biking. This app allows you to track speed, time, distance, elevation, and calories burned and includes voice coaches and support for other apps.

The app helps runners remain connected with others during races or in-person. You can use its share-location feature to let your friends know where you are, and it offers real-time updates and messaging. You can also cheer for the runners near you using the app’s chat feature. It can also sync with Pandora and Spotify, so you can listen to your favorite music while on a run.

And adidas running is one of the Best Running Apps for Android where you run on the road and don’t have to worry about running. There is also an option for a premium version, which has more features and additional content.


Best Running Apps for Teens

At its core, Pacer is a pedometer, tracking your steps throughout the day and your pace during workouts. A very good tool to gauge your base fitness level and give you a sense of where you’re starting from. You can use it as a guide to how far you can go and how far you want to go. As you move along, you can also track your runs using your smartphone’s GPS and join group challenges to stay motivated.

There are many different workout programs to suit all fitness levels, so no matter what level of fitness you’re at, there’s a workout plan out there that will keep you motivated and fit for life. Pacer works with Fitbit and MyFitnessPal to bring you the most accurate and up-to-date activity information from your workout, including pace, distance, calories burned, and more.


Best Running Apps for Adults

In terms of actual run stats, Pumatrac keeps things simple, collecting information on your pace, elevation, distance and time, but little else. In this book, you’ll discover how the Fitbit app tracks details like your daily activity, how much sleep you’re getting, what time of day or days of the week you take your workout, and how that varies with different activities.

Runkeeper is a smart running companion that not only lets you share your workouts on social media or with friends but also keep track of your progress with a detailed and informative Run Score which breaks down your run into it’s individual components including Quality and Quantity of Runs, Speed, Distance, and Calories Burned to give a comprehensive picture of your fitness over time.

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What are the Best Running Apps?

When it comes to running apps, most people fall into one of two camps. There are those that use an app that only tracks their running data and maps the route they ran or cycled, while others prefer to run by themselves and don’t care about any stats.

While there are lots of different ways to get fit, and there’s no reason to try and choose one over another, there are some apps that are better for certain types of runners than others.

Best Running Apps
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For example, Strava is designed to encourage you to run regularly, as well as track your runs in more detail, while the Nike Run Club app provides a way for you to focus on the finer details of running form, like the position of your arms, the pressure your feet put on the ground, and so on.

For those who like to race against each other, the Endomondo and Running Trainer apps are perfect. They allow you to pick a race and then compare how you did against your friends.

As well as these apps, we also have the Freeletics Running app and 5K Runner app, both of which help you get the most out of your runs.

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How to choose the Best Running Apps?

We’ve made it simple for you to find the best running apps by listing only the ones that are available for iPhone, Android, Mac, and Windows. We’ve tried to be as comprehensive as possible, and we know that there are a lot of great apps out there.

In the table below, we’ve highlighted some of the best running apps. These apps offer a variety of features that make them easy to use. They also have apps for beginners and experts alike. Some apps let you record your runs, while others just track your progress and show you charts that track your speed, distance, and calories burned.

Best Running Apps
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If you’re looking for a more advanced app, you’ll have to do some research on your own to see what’s available. For instance, the Nike Run Club app will allow you to create a personal profile, but it’s not free. In contrast, MapMyRun is free, but it won’t record your runs.

However, both of these apps will let you share your runs with friends and family on social media. This is an important feature for some people, but it’s something that many runners might not find useful. That’s why we’ve highlighted a few apps that let you share your runs without sharing your data.

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These are the best running apps of the year. You can use these apps in order to run on road, track, or even in a treadmill. So, what are you waiting for? Start running right now.

If you’re looking for a apps for running, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve covered that here as well. The list is separated into two parts. One for Android and one for iOS users. Both of them have been carefully selected so that you won’t get disappointed while using it.

So, do give them a try and let us know which one works best for you. We hope that our choices will help you stay fit. And if you’re still stuck choosing the best running apps and need some assistance, feel free to drop a comment below.