Best Currency Converter Apps

Best Currency Converter Apps: If you plan to travel, do not waste time calculating the exchange rate of the main currencies. 

Best Currency Converter Apps 

It may be information that you use in your day to day or that only serves you when you travel to other countries, but knowing the exchange rate of the major currencies is very simple with these apps

Best Currency Converter Apps

XE Currency

Best Currency Converter Apps for Free

For many, it is the best currency converter, which explains that it has 14 million installs. It offers the exchange rate of the main currencies and precious metals in real-time (it refreshes every minute), has more than 30,000 charts with historical quotes and allows you to make up to 10 conversions at the same time on the same screen. 

Currency Converter

Best Currency Converter Apps for Android

It is a simple calculator designed for travellers who need to know the currency exchange in different countries. It includes the possibility of making conversions in up to 150 different types of currencies, including the new digital currency. One of its biggest advantages is that it works without the need for a data connection.  


Best Currency Converter Apps for iOS

In this case, the main asset of this app is that it not only converts currencies, a total of 150, but all kinds of things: volume, strength, speed, distances, temperature … and so up to 14 different categories. Includes calculator, option to save favourites and exchange rates are automatically updated by shaking the phone.