Best Age My Face Apps Free

Best Age My Face Apps Free of 2021 – Face App, The Best Age My Face Apps: One of the things that not only intrigue but also anguish many people are undoubtedly time and are that we like it or not it is something in the constant movement since everyone is getting older over the years. 

Discussion About Best Age My Face Apps Free 

This can undoubtedly be quite scary when we ask ourselves the next question … how will I grow up? Will I have aged well? Well, it’s time to discuss this issue without taboos and with humour because if you’ve ever wondered, what is the best apps to get old? In our technology blog, you will have reached the right place. 

Best Age My Face Apps
Best Age My Face Apps Free of 2021

What are the Apps to Get Old? 👦👉👴 

The best app to grow old is without a doubt FacepApp, and it is one of the best free apps for mobile phones in the entire Play Store since, through an artificial intelligence algorithm, I can know how I will grow up. The truth is that this application already existed in 2017 but it has had a rebound in the middle of 2019 thanks to a challenge called FaceApp Challenge that has become very popular among YouTubers. 

How to Get Old With an Application 

Next, we will see the steps that we will have to follow to use this application to make people old. 

Get the Latest Face App Free 

The first thing we should do is Get the Latest Face App for free from Google Play in the following link

How Does Age My Face Apps Free Work to Get Old? 

Once installed we execute it and accept the permissions of the camera to take photos, once inside we will see a screen like this, we can choose an existing photo or take a selfie by pressing the camera icon. 

Now we look below, we will see several options, to know how you will be of age we will have to give the option «Age», once inside we will see that we have several effects: 

  • Old man. 
  • Young 
  • Young. 

Among all the options we are interested in is that of “Elder” we press and give “Apply. ” 

The result as you can see is spectacular and you can even see quite similar to your father and even grandparents. It should be noted that to apply the filters to get older with FaceApp it may take several seconds, so be patient. 

Is FaceApp Dangerous? 

At all, the only thing that happens is that we are talking about a 2017 application that has not known how to adapt to the absurd EU privacy policies and what nobody could imagine is that in the middle of 2019 I would see a FacepApp Challenge that would pick up the application again. Anything that is a trend is worth to get visits from there the motto “Never let the truth spoil a good story”, all the world invents things about this app or exaggerates it to sell headlines, the truth is that FaceApp It is not dangerous at all. 

Well now you know what the application is called to get old, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer. Don’t forget to share this article with your social networks, please, that would help me a lot… thank you!